Blog Post for Toptal Scholarship

Highschool was a time period of growth for me in maturity, ambition, and intellect. During my four years of high school I was drawn towards the technology classes my school offered and was able to complete a cluster of technology courses. My freshman year I took design and drawing for production and introduction to engineering and was immediately engulfed with a passion for computer software. My sophomore year I took computer aided drafting which was credited for a college course at my local community college. I loved the classes I had taken but I noticed an incommensurable consistency between them all. I was the only girl in my class of over 20. This made me reflect on the year prior to this and I envisaged in my other two technology courses, the class was predominately — if not entirely men. Instead of being discouraged by this heavy paragon of inner misogyny, I took this as a sign that this was veraciously what I was meant to do. Over the next two years, I took as many technology based classes as I could. From engineer based classes like computer aided drafting and architecture to creative based classes such as photography, digital imaging, media and communications, and graphic design, I became increasingly ardent with digital production and computer science. My relish and appreciation for music also encouraged me to learn a plethora of different instruments including piano, drums, guitar, and ukulele. My aspiration is to one day fulfill my dream of becoming a successful and powerful woman in the technology industry, become further educated and skilled in music and film production, and inspire young girls around the nation to follow their passions.

When I was 14, I was given the most wonderful opportunity to join my dad on a trip to Washington DC for the 2017 March on Washington for Women’s Rights. I was fortuitous enough to be one of the hundreds of thousands of women gathered together to demonstrate our demand for change in modern society. Meeting women from around the country and hearing their similar experiences of misogyny that I encountered myself during my schooling and real world encounters galvanized my desire to make a change in the world. This experience showed me how unequivocally vital it was to fight for true equality and the abolition of misogynies, inner and outer. Anterior to this experience, I was slightly oblivious to the obvious effect of society’s treatment of women. The feeling of unbearable disappointment also surrounded me as I realized how belittled women were treated on a constant basis. It unveiled to me the volume of my voice and that I deserve to be heard louder than what the current volume is. As I grew into my later teenage years, I noticed this said treatment continuing on a daily basis. I not only faced but observed the constant belittling, degrading, and sexualizing of women in my school, work, and social setting. If all my male peers were expected and encouraged to be successful, why wasn’t I? My ambition and drive all began from going to this march and seeing how crucial it was to be a part of this movement.

Digital production initially appealed to me because it possess the perfect combination of requiring the knowledge of computer science and the imagination for creative design. I was honored to be accepted into SUNY New Paltz as a digital media production major with a double minor in film and cinema studies and journalism. My aim is to maintain my assiduous mindset, diligence, and sedulousness into college and build my skills and experience in production to become a skilled and respected video and sound producer. I would also like to pursue journalism in some way to give light to female technicians, journalists, and digital artists. I yearn for young girls to feel comfortable and welcomed to explore their engrossments and passions, regardless of an industry ran entirely by men. Young girls and women need the support of other women to reassure them that they are believed in and they will be able to conquer their goals. It is easy to feel intimidated and daunted by the intense male dominance that is expressed in many technology and other STEM related fields. However, I am confident that my generation will be the one to split the power and success equally between genders. I want to be a pivot to this trend in society and affirm that women everywhere belong in these industries.

I am confident that I can and will achieve these goals with the proper mentorship and support. My dad never failed to express his support for me throughout my entire life and has shown me that not only do I believe in myself, but he does as well. I want to push myself to expand my knowledge and skill during my time at New Paltz the furthest I can. I chose this school because I knew the environment was ideal for me to grow personally as well as intellectually. I want to transition from knowing the software I’ve practiced for years to mastering it. I plan to substantiate my dedication, skill, and intelligence to my male peers and be treated with the same expect of success and respect as they are. I know that I can effectuate these desires throughout the next chapter of my life with the opportunity I received to go to college. Winning the Toptal scholarship would aid me to advance in my journey to become the proud and strong woman I have the potential to be. This financial support would provide me with the aid I need to make my dreams and my visions for the future of women in technology become a reality. The world possess an obligation to provide women everywhere with the necessary resources and invigoration to become successful, sufficient, and independent. I look forward to promoting my peers and giving other women in my field my undying support and admiration. Thank you sincerely for your time and attention and I hope you consider me for this honorable award.



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