Blog Post for Toptal Scholarship

Sydney Dahl — Highschool was a time period of growth for me in maturity, ambition, and intellect. During my four years of high school I was drawn towards the technology classes my school offered and was able to complete a cluster of technology courses. My freshman year I took design and drawing for production and introduction to engineering and was immediately engulfed with a passion for computer software. My sophomore year I took computer aided drafting which was credited for a college course at my local community college. I loved the classes I had taken but I noticed an incommensurable consistency between them all. I was the only girl in my class of over 20. This made me reflect on the year prior to this and I envisaged in my other two technology courses, the class was predominately — if not entirely men. Instead of being discouraged by this heavy paragon of inner misogyny, I took this as a sign that this was veraciously what I was meant to do. Over the next two years, I took as many technology based classes as I could. From engineer based classes like computer aided drafting and architecture to creative based classes such as photography, digital imaging, media and communications, and graphic design, I became increasingly ardent with digital production and computer science. My relish and appreciation for music also encouraged me to learn a plethora of different instruments including piano, drums, guitar, and ukulele. My aspiration is to one day fulfill my dream of becoming a successful and powerful woman in the technology industry, become further educated and skilled in music and film production, and inspire young girls around the nation to follow their passions.